You Found Milo!


Congratulations! You either went searching for something fun and found it,

or you’re a SUPER lucky person who just happened to stumble on a piece of handmade awesomeness!

Either way you’re in for more fun. You have a couple of options.

1. You could remove Milo from his protective bag. Tweet (or facebook) a picture of you holding this Milo Pocket Art, and tag/follow me @seanarcher to make sure I see it. I will, of course, cheer for your ingenuity and send you a link to download a PDF copy of Milo Decides To BeThen you go on your merry way and shove this bit of fun in your pocket to cherish forever and ever and squeeze him and love him.



2. You could do all of that, get your PDF copy, place Milo back in his protective bag, and find another awesome place to put him. If you decide to go this route, you’ll want to also tweet/facebook/leave a breadcrumb trail to give clues as to where they might find him (tag me in that too, so that I can re-tweet your clue). You could leave him behind your favorite park bench, or perched on the head of a statue. Or sitting next to a favorite book in your favorite bookstore. (If you do that, maybe tell your favorite bookseller so they don’t throw him away).

In any case, I hope you have fun with this, and I hope you tell me all about it. You might notice that the Milo you found is scratched or has an irregular bottom. That’s actually why they’re out in nature instead of winging their way to a customer. These little guys are the ones that were just a little too…something…to sell. They’re still super cute! They just had a bit of an issue, so I decided they should go make some free fun, and meet some new friends on their own, and have an adventure or three. And now you’ve found one.

So choose.

Keep or share. Share or keep.

If you share, don’t forget to leave/tweet a clue. And if you keep, I hope you’ll tell the story of the day you found a new friend, and I hope you’ll read Milo Decides To Be to someone dear to you.

Have a wonderful day, and FLOAT ON!