Art Heals

I draw for 24 hours straight. You donate to Healthright International in Ukraine.

You get to tell me what to draw. The art starts on October 5th.

The fundraising starts today!

Take Me to the Campaign!

Here’s the story…

Milo is usually the way I connect to the world. I draw and write Milo stories and comics in order to remind people that kindness works, that compassion is something to revere and strive for in our every human (or meteorological) interaction. Milo is always giving, and caring, and loyal. He’s what I hope to be. Drawing Milo, and drawing in general, is a healing act for me. It helps me heal some of the sickness and despair I see in the world around me. If one person a day has their spirits lifted because of a Milo comic, or finds inspiration from Milo Decides To Be, then I consider that a pretty great day.

We Can All Heal Together

The thing about writing and drawing, is that it’s pretty solitary work. I can sit down and draw with my daughter, and I can write a comic while my wife is sitting on the couch next to me, but I’m in my head all alone. Sometimes I feel the need to collaborate. I feel the desire to be a part of something greater than I could accomplish on my own. Here’s where I’m hoping you’ll join me on a little journey. My wife is from Ukraine, and so over the last half year we’ve watched her homeland torn in two, her people bleeding and dying. And we’ve talked about how helpless we feel to do anything, or make any kind of impact.

24 hours

On October 5th, I’ll be sitting in an all-night cafe somewhere in the city of Chicago drawing. I’ll draw and paint for 24 hours, only stopping to eat a bit of something, and to sneak off to the bathroom for a minute or two. The idea is to draw for donations. You’ll donate whatever you can to Healthright International’s programs in Ukraine, via our IndieGoGo campaign, and I’ll turn your donation into a work of art that you get to keep. We’ll have some time-slots set up, so that when you donate 25 bucks, you get a 15 minute sketch, if you donate 100 dollars, you’ll get an hour long sketch. It’ll be first come-first served, so in order to make it fun for everybody, even after the time-slots are gone, I’ll make sure that people who don’t get an original will be able to download a hi-resolution digital copy of whatever sketch or drawing you like from your donation level. I’ll also have some higher level perks for seriously generous donations. We’ll figure it out together, and maybe you can help me by suggesting perks you’d like to see.

Come And See…

The campaign is live, and I’ll be adding perks and video over the next couple days. But if you’d like to get your donation in early, you’ll be guaranteed a time-slot.

 Let’s Help Heal!

You can also help by sharing this page, and the campaign page to get more eyes on it. The more people who see it, the more support we’ll gain. If you’d like to be on the mailing list for more information, drop me a line below, and we’ll send you a few (a FEW) updates before the day of the event.